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About me:

I’ve been writing about food, cooking, and the work of the professional chef for more than 25 years in dozens of books, such as The Soul of a Chef and Ruhlman’s Twenty, and countless articles for publications such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. I’ve also written numerous books on non-cooking subjects, such as wooden boat building and inside a pediatric heart surgery unit. My latest book is called The Book of Cocktail Ratios: The Surprising Simplicity of Classic Cocktails. I’m a writer first, but I really love writing about food and the people who recognize its all-importance.

About the newsletter:

I publish Ruhlman’s Newsletter every other Saturday. It’s a mix of food we’ve been cooking, food issues, recipes for dishes I especially love, new and classic cocktails we’ve been enjoying. But it also includes personal travel stories (my wife, Ann Hood, is a novelist, but as a former flight attendant, she is rarely housebound for long). We both recommend movies and TV series and new books we’re loving, and I always conclude with links to the best stories Ann and I have found online.

The newsletters are free. But I offer a paid subscription as well.

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My newsletter is reader-supported. Subscribing is the best way to support the work I do.

As I continue to grow this newsletter, I’ll begin offering more content for paid subscribers: recipes, cocktails, and chats that will be for paid subscribers.

We travel, a lot. Subscribers will receive dispatches from the cities we explore with recommendations for dining and fun things to do there (in Portugal, in Italy, in Ireland and beyond). I’ll also be sending out a newsletter called Below 14th Street, calling out great bar and restaurants we find in our New York City neighborhood.

Subscribers will also have direct access to me, and I’m happy to write about topics that subscribers would like me to write about. Community is really important to me.

If you are able to support my work, please know how grateful I am. And anyone who might consider a Founding Member contribution, I will be happy to send you a signed copy of the new book, The Book of Cocktail Ratios!

Cheers everyone!


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Michael Ruhlman 

Writer, cook, journalist. Author of the cookbook From Scratch, Charcuterie, Ratio and 2 dozen other books.