Spending a few days in my beloved Cleveland with Ann and Annabelle. Also: my fortieth(?!) high school reunion party at my dearest pal Dave’s (since sixth grade), and with my dearest pal Les (since first grade). So blessed.

The trip has delayed a proper newsletter; I’ll post Monday morning.

In the meanwhile…

Friday Cocktail Hour…

Tonight we did an impromptu Friday Cocktail Hour at Edwins (on my Instagram, actually did the cocktail below, and a bonus cocktail). An amazing story, Edwins, which I’ll describe soon. But for now, their simple brilliant summery cocktail. Chartreuse and tonic.

Just what the name says.

  • 1 part chartreuse

  • 2 parts (or one part, depending) tonic

  • Squeeze of lime

Summertime perfection.

See you soon.


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